Jocelyn has been piercing since 1997, at which time she completed her initial apprenticeship at Masterpiece. Jocelyn, as well as being an accomplished piercer, has a gentle bedside manner, which helps to put a nervous customer at ease. When she is not piercing Jocelyn can be found helping out at the front desk.

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Sam is the newest member of our piercing staff, having been certified in July of 2012. Body art has always been a passion for Sam, who especially enjoys dermal piercings and different ear "projects". Sam was mentored by both Jen and Daniel Hoel, though predominantly by Daniel in anticipation of his move out of State. Although not piercing long (at this writing) Sam already has quite a following. She is friendly and strives to put nervous customers at ease, making the experience a lot less scary. We're sure that you'll love Sam as much as we do, and love your latest body adornment!



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