Masterpiece Tattoo & Body Piercing specializes in custom tattoo body art and body piercing. With literally tens of thousands of tattoo designs to choose from (hundreds unique to Masterpiece) and hundreds of body jewelry and piercings to choose from, there is sure to be something for everyone.

The artists and piercers at Masterpiece specialize in custom work. Also cover ups, fine line, new school, old school and portraits. Customers are totally "blown away" by the personalized service and quality of work they get at Masterpiece.

Masterpiece Tattoo is dedicated to quality work, customer service, and the philosophy that every tattoo and piercing, whether a tiny heart or a full back piece, a nose ring or custom jewelry should be a "masterpiece". No tattoo, piercing or customer is any less or more important than another.

Stop by the studio and experience the difference, the Masterpiece difference!

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