Pricing & Policies:

Piercing Price List (Available Friday through Wednesday)
Piercing (basic) $30.00
Double Piercing (same gauge) $40.00 plus cost of jewelry Piercing
$40.00 (with customer jewelry)
Stretch: $10.00 plus jewelry
$15.00 with customer jewelry
Change: $5.00 plus jewelry
$10.00 with customer jewelry
Lobes: $30.00 (one w/18 or 16 ring) $50.00 (two w/18 or 16 ring)
Cartilage: $40.00 (one w/18g ring) $60.00 (two w/18g ring)
Nipple: single, $50.00 w/ring $55.00 w/barbell
Double, $80.00 w/ring $90.00 w/barbell
Navel: $50.00 and up Labret: $50 - $60.00
Nostril: $45.00 and up Monroe: $50 - $60.00
Tongue: $55.00 Lip: $45 - $60.00
Tragus: $45.00 Septum: $45 - $60.00
Rook/Conch: $45 - $55.00 Brow: $45 - $65.00
Industrial: $65.00
Surface: $40.00 plus jewelry
Double: $55.00 plus jewelry
Genital: $45.00 plus jewelry
Double: $60.00 plus jewelry
Dermal: $50.00 plus jewelry
Double: $65.00 plus jewelry
Piercing Policy: Eighteen (18) plus, positive picture ID required. Driver license, State ID, Passport, or Military ID accepted.

Minors: We pierce 14+ accompanied by their parent with positive ID for both. Parent must have a picture ID as listed above. ID for the minor would be: Birth Certificate, Health Ins. Cards, SS Card or school ID. In the case of Health Cards/SS/school ID: last names must be the same. If last names differ, then a Birth Certificate will be required.

Guardians: Guardians of a minor must present picture ID and court documents showing their status as guardian.

Tattoo Pricing:

All our designs on our wall are pre-priced. The Studio minimum charge is $50.00. Anything on the wall priced as “hourly” is @ a rate of $125.00 per hour. Custom work is priced at an hourly rate of $150.00 per hour. For custom work you should print out any reference material, bring it in and leave a $150 cash deposit for us to begin the design process.

Tattoo Policy: You must be 18 + to receive a tattoo. Positive State or federally issued picture ID required. Parents cannot sign for tattoo work.

Your own Design: We will be happy to tattoo a design that you bring in: however you should PRINT the design out and bring it with you, we can size it. If we have to print it out there will be an additional charge.
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